Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mckenzie's 12th Birthday

September 8 was Mckenzie's 12 birthday. She celebrated with a friend birthday party. They had pizza for dinner and then went to play lazer tag.

Ohhhhh another webkinz let see this is number 7 of the collection she has

Gosh I just love money can you tell

Mckenzie and her friends being silly

Blowing the candles out. Yes that is our food storage in the background.

Scott and I decided when our girls turn 12 they can get there ears pierced so here she is getting ready for the piercing.

Here is the finished product. She chose earrings that are her birthstone. She loves her new ears! Another exciting thing is she gets to go to young womens and she loves it. Happy Birthday Mckenzie!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm a Klutz

So I was going shopping to wal-mart and ran into Scott, he was leaving to go home for lunch. I expressed my frustrations to him with some physical problems I have and shed some tears and went on my way not even looking at where I was going and ran into a sign that was on the ground. I completely fell over onto the ground in front of a customer and the manager that is over produce. I was so utterly embarrassed that I ran back to catch Scott before he was driving away venting my stupidity and what a DORK I was. I shed lots of tears because I felt so DUMB, then went on my way. I was able to laugh about it by night time, but at the the moment it happened I felt so embarrassed, I mean what were these people thinking of me. So that was my embarrassing day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ashley's Birthday and Babtism

Ashley turned 8 years old. This was a special Birthday because it is the age for babtism. We bought her scriptures with her name engraved on her scriptures

She also recieved a webkinz, a skunk she loves those stuffed animals

Here she is blowing out her candles

Grandma Murdoch sewed this beautiful white dress for her

Here is Ashley and her Dad just before her babtism

We had a luncheon afterwards at a park. All of my family came. This is the first time in our family we have had everyone attend a special occasion because all of the previous ones we have lived far away, so that was special for me to have all of my family there. This is a picture of Ashley's cousins

They all decided this was the place to sit and eat instead of the picnic tables

We had a fireplace in our little pavillion. There was already hot coals so we started a fire

My brother steve's twins hannah and Alexis and my other brother Richard's daughter Keira

The kids enjoyed standing on part of the fireplace. It was a great day and a special day for Ashley. She's the cleanest one in our family right now.