Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Still Here

Its high time I blog again. We are finally moved into our home. We have felt so very welcome. Six different neighbors brought us treats to welcome us to the neighborhood. So we signed up for internet the dial up kind. We have been spoiled in our last home with high speed internet. Well dial up what a joke it took forever to do anything so my plan was to not use the internet period. Anyway we found a cheap cheap way for a phone line called magic jack and now our internet service is back in service High speed so Here I am blogging again. So here is our happenings the last few months mostly with Michaela, she just got her drivers permit and had two surgeries.

We went to the Young Womens conference at the conference center with some of our Good friends

Michaela had 4 wisdom teeth removed and two front teeth. Look at those cute chipmunk cheeks

Here she is right after surgery her mouth filled with gauze

Here is Michaela with her other surgery, she broke her pinky playing basketball. She was put to sleep with live x ray while the doctor straightened the bone and put three pins in her finger.
She had to have surgery to fix the bone or in the long run she may not have had a very good grip with her pinky being crooked when she made a fist. This is her right before her surgery and very very very nervous

Right after surgery with her arm all wrapped

The three pins in her finger

Our basement pictures of our floor being layed

Ashley was in a spelling bee

Here is a video of michaela with her baby. This is a class that she is taking at the school where they have to bring a baby home for the weekend. She is graded on how well she takes care of the babies needs. It sounds so real because it cries just like a baby. So some of the comments she made were, "when I have a baby its not going to cry this much. She also had to take care of this baby all night which doesn't sleep. So she was commenting why it took 20 min. to feed a baby in the night It shouldn't take that long she said. It was so funny and probably a bit of a eye opener for preparing her for motherhood some day.