Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Three Months

Some of the things we have done the last three months. My sister and I went to the Bean museum at BYU.

I had to put this picture in because madison said Mom you have to see this bird it has boobs! What do you think?

I have to admit BYU is a very pretty campus even though I am somewhat partial to Utah State BYU is growing on me. Here are the kids playing in the water

I had to put this picutere in of my sister's baby kyla because she is so darn cute!

We celebrated Ashley's birthday on August 29th. She turned 9 we all went bowling for her bday. She started 3rd grade

We celebrated Mckenzie's birthday on September 8th. We went Ice skating. She turned 13 and started 7th grade

Madison started 2nd grade

Michaela is a sophomore. What??? I can't beleive it

summer fun in Ahston Idaho. Picnics!! Hot Dogs!! Ashley and madison with my brother Lee

Grandpa Murdoch cooking Hot Dogs

Feeding the racoon at Grandma and Grandpa murdoch's house
We had a Murdoch reunion with Scott's brother and sister's There are 8 kids in his family. 21 grandkids. We also went to yellowstone for a day. It was so beautiful but I don't have any pictures because our camera was broken. So now I am caught up on blogging but knowing me I will get behind again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blogging ?????

I'm so behind on blogging as you can tell my excuse no time but I beleive you have to make the time and prioritize and blogging is not one of those at the top and it should. Right now I am having troubles putting pictures on here it is doing strange things and I have no clue how to figure it out!!!! I have never been a pro at computers. OUr camera is now broken which makes things harder. Madison was playing with our camera. I told her she knows that she is not supposed to be playing with the camera and her respose well its Ashley's fault because she pushed me. No its both of your faults I said You should not be playing with the camera and Ashley shouldn't have pushed you. She is still convinced its not her fault!!! So until I figure this all out (blogging) I don't have much to post

I want to share with my New Hampshire friends that I just found out after about 9 months that Cheryl Ayer's sister works at the same place I do. What a small world. It was like reconnecting with cheryl which stirred up some emotions. We had it good in New Hampshire a house Scott had a good job wonderful wonderful friends and a AWESOME ward but it was so hard to be away from family, so we moved to Mesquite and every since then it has been a rocky road. The move was sooo hard and I became very depressed and scott's job was not going well so as you know he was demoted and we are now in utah living. We have been in limbo for the past four years. I feel like I have no identity, don't want to make friends, struggling with the ward we are in, and my emotional health has been bad. Anyway seeing cheryl's sister brought up some deep emotions inside of me of how much you all mean to me and your friendship I am afraid of losing all of you because I never see you. I feel like I have lost my identity so trying to feel established is hard, making new friends is hard, feeling a part of our ward is hard because it is SO big and so different. New Hampshire will always be our home. But I have to look at the good. I am by family and my health is better but I never ever want to go through what we went through again. I still do not see how trials make you stronger because if anything I am a lot Weaker!!!!