Sunday, November 22, 2009


So Michaela,Mckenzie, and I all got braces. I have never been happy with my smile and have always wanted braces. The big motivation was my sister got them almost a year ago. We all three got them together so we will all be enduring this together.

Here is Mckenzie in the chair getting ready.

Here is me getting ready for them and just a "tad" bit nervous for what is ahead am I to old for this?

Here is me during the procedure

Michaela getting hers on

Michaela and Mckenzie right after they are done

Here is us three with are "shiny" new smile

So now we have them on they are painful, awkward, and especially annoying because part of life is eating three times a day and that is a chore. They feel really weird but in the end it will all be so worth it. By the way we finally bought a new camera!