Sunday, August 17, 2008

summer fun

So it has been two months without blogging so I put a bunch of pictures together of our summer. We spent a lot of time with my dad fishing at strawberry resevoir catching crayfish on the dock with chicken legs. Most people keep them to eat but we just caught them and released them. we also fished in the boat with my dad catching Kokane salmon. They are very good eating! The first picture is of Michaela holding a chicken leg on a string with some crayfish attatched to it

Ashely holding a crayfish very carefully without getting pinched

Scott and Ashely with the BIG fish that they caught

My friend stacie from New hampshire who now lives in Idaho. We met for a couple of hours to visit

Ashley and Madison with their cousins Reagan and Alexis

Camping at strawberry again. Some of my girls with their cousins made a little house for all of the squirrels in our campground. I wanted to add that up above our campground were cabin homes and the night before there was a bear that knocked over a bunch of hummingbird feeders and bear tracks. The people never saw a bear but there was true evidence. My next night of sleepin in the tent was nerve racking for me and Ashley came to me in the night saying she couldn't sleep because she was scared of the bear. We made it through the night with no bear!

Camping can be so dirty. Michaela is cleaning Madison's feet with baby wipes. We go through a lot of them

Here is me fixing Ashley's hair

Ashley and Madison with their cousin reagan looking for rocks from a spring that has almost dried up. They collected some very pretty stones that were very smooth

Here is me don't I just look soooo cool

Ahhhh 4wheelin can be such hard work for Scott

Here is our tent we slept in

Our lovely fire with chairs around it. We like to sit around the campfire at night and talk.

And last but not least a picture of Madison because I have to share with you all what she said today at church. After sacrament meeting she said mommy do we have to go to our classes now and I said yes and then she asked if today was fast sunday and I said no and she said well is today slow sunday? Kids they say the cutest things!
So our summer is over with because school starts the 20 of August. All of my girls will be in school all day. It will be interesting having all day to do what I want. Hopefully I can get alot done!


The Orton's said...

I am laughing at Madison's reminds me of my youngest brother when he was about 4 and my dad was helping him to pray. My dad would say something and he would repeat it outloud. dad said, "help me to choose the right" and Zach repeated, "help me to choose the right...and the left". We still tease him about that. I LOVE it! Your pictures about beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love, Becky

The Orton's said...

your pictures ARE beautiful...not about beautiful. Sorry...typo...

J.J. said...

You guys have done a lot of camping, I wish I could have been there. Looks like you all had a lot of fun.
I can't believe the summer is almost over, it always goes by to fast. Good luck with the girls starting school.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Love the pictures. You guys look like you had a blast this summer. It was really nice to see you this summer. I love that picture of Scott and Ashley with their fish. We start on the 25th so I am right behind you with the school stuff. It should be an interesting year with all the kids in school. Love ya, Stacie

Jenn said...

I love the update, and I think it's much easier to keep up with blogging in the winter when the outdoors isn't calling my name. I love Madison't comment too--so funny!

Cindi said...

I know that some Sundays feel like SLOW Sundays to me too! I love all the camping big are crayfish anyway??? I think it is funny you can catch them with a chicken leg!!! You could catch me with one if it was fried!!!