Thursday, June 26, 2008

We had our family vacation. Half was spent with Scott's family in Ashton Idaho and Half was spent in Logan canyon with my family. I didn't go with Scott to Ashton because I had to work. I was hoping for alone time but I was so busy working and cleaning house that I didn't get it. I met scott in Logan for the camping trip with my family. The first few pictures are the girls with their cousin Lindsay at the sand dunes in st anthony Idaho

Mckenzie, Ashley, and Michaela went with Scott to our favorite place called the playmill in West yellowstone. They saw the play Oklahoma.

Ashley excited for the play to start

Roasting marshmallows in the back yard at grandma murdoch's house

Our camping trip up to Logan Canyon. Michaela and Mckenzie slept in this tent

Ashley and Madison with my brother's dog Jake

Scott, me and the girls took a 4 wheeler ride with my brother and his kids.

Well this is as far as we could go until we hit snow

Some of the kids sliding down the hill

Scott and me and mckenzie went on a six mile hike with the horses. Our other girls went with my sister and sister in law to Bear Lake swimming. This was part of the trail a river. we all had to cross it on this log. Scott was the last one to cross it

Stopping for a lunch break and treats!

Mckenzie riding the horse while Scott led the horse

Some of us taking another 4 wheeler ride. There was so much snow and water. What a WET spring we had. This is me and Ashley going through a stream

My Brother's twins Hannah and Alexis, aren't they so cute!

Madison on the horse with my brother steve holding the rope

Ahhhhhh the joys of camping Scott figuring out how to get rid of a tick on his belly. Luckily it wasn't in to far and didn't take to long to remove


Erica said...

Scott, NICE SHIRT! What a goober, only YOU would wear a Laconia Bike Week shirt! Well, at least you wore it camping so hopefully it doesn't last long. :) Or, you actually like that shirt???? :P

Leisa said...

Looks like the family had a good time! Don't you just love summer?!!

Jenn said...

Cute pics! No we're not moving to Utah, we sure miss you guys, though!

J.J. said...

Love all the pictures you posted, it was a lot of fun in Logan canyon, we were sad to leave early. Looks like your girls and Scott had fun with his family!

Cammi said...

It looks like you had a blast!!

Cindi said...

What a great time you had it seems! Good for you! These are the memories you will have forever with your girls...that together time is the best, and before you know it, those girlies will be grown and gone. Sure miss you!