Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Madison's graduation and Birthday

I know it has been a couple of weeks since Madison graduated and I have been slothful in getting this blogged anyways Madison finished kindergarten and will be on to first grade. What will I do with my self having free time for most of the day. I remember asking my friend stacie the same thing and her answer SLEEP. sounds like a good idea!

Madison turned 6 on may 26th. We went to the mall to go see Prince Caspion. Her favorite store is claire's (what girl wouldn't like it) She wanted sun glasses so here she is modeling them

Her favorite Mcdonalds


Erica said...

I can't believe you and I were pregnant with Madison and Kara JUST YESTERDAY! It feels like it was yesterday, anyway. When you said, "Madison turned 6...", I thought, YIKES, that's right-Kara's turning SIX soon!! I like the Claire's idea, Kara does not have a 'graduation' but I was thinking of doing something special for her and Noah for having a great school year. Tell Madison she is so cute and congratulations!

J.J. said...

I totally forgot Madison birthday, she is getting so big and it looks like she did all the things she wanted to. I can't believe you will be having all of your kids in school now, did you ever think you would get to that point? Oh they grow up way to fast.
Hey we need to have you over for sunday dinner, it's been way to long since we have hung out. I hope you all are feeling better.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Our babies are six, can you believe it! First grade should be an interesting transition. They are growing so big. We are up at moms for a few weeks. But I am keeping things up to date. Time sure does pass. Hopefully will be able to see each other this summer. If nothing else, we will be at Bruce and Katrinas for two weeks at Christmas. I hope you are transitioning into summer okay. I am grateful to be at mom's because I was about to kill them these last few days. :P Summer is good and bad all at the same time. :) Love ya. Stacie

Jenn said...

I can't believe she's 6! She is etched in my mind forever as a 2 year old when we were serving in nursery together. Of course, I was pregnant then, and Karina's 4, so I guess I should have figured!
Happy Birthday Madison!

Lee Worley said...

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