Sunday, December 20, 2009

snow day and the grinch

we got our first snow storm about two weeks ago and it was quite a bit. The kids couldn't wait to play in it. Here is Ashley


We went to a Wal*Mart party. Scott had to dress up as a grinch so here he is. He did a great job. The kids couldn't leave him alone and followed him everywhere. He even went over to the Christmas tree and tried stealing presents, It was funny!!

A kiss from the grinch




J.J. said...

I just got your christmas card. Love the family photo and how you all match, you all look tan too!
I could not even tell that was Scott in the costume, I bet he was hilarious!
Hope all is going well with you, during this very busy time.

Marcia said...

Perfect typecasting of Scott as the Grinch. ;) Those are fun pics!

Becky said...

Okay LOVE the funny! Your family picture is BEAUTIFUL by the way - wow!

Leisa said...

Oh my heck....that is funny! Scott makes a pretty good grinch. Thanks for the Christmas card. Your family is so cute! I am not sure if Christmas cards from us are going to happen this year. Where does all the time go?