Sunday, January 10, 2010


As many of you know, Our moving to Mesquite Nevada did not work out and we ended up in springville utah. Our plan was to rent and hope that Scott was able to be a manager again and buy a house some day well here we are three years later. We decided to buy a home here in Springville since nothing was happening job wise. The day we were supposed to find out if the person owning the house we were interested in was going to accept our offer, Scott gets a phone call for a second interview in Maine. Okay so what do we do???? Scott was so sure he wouldn't even get the position with the economy they are not moving people. We decided to pursue the house. come to find out the position was down to him and one other person with Scott having more experience so it was highly likely that he had a really good chance of getting the postion but do we want to move back there or stay here. We absolutely love the east and the opportunity to go back there is sooooooo tempting but family is keeping us here so as you can see our decision was to back out of the job and stay here. I just wanted to show pictures of our house. The basement is unfinished which is what we are trying to finish right now. Some of it is hired out and some Scott is doing on his own.

Here is a picture of our kitchen

More of the kitchen

Our living room and my accent wall, I will be changing the color because it really doesn't match my colors of wall decorations

Our basement this is my storage room, in the very back is a small room for cold cold storage

Our Family room, scott is working on the wiring for electricity, which he did mostly by himself and some help from his dad

Part of the family room and the room in the back will be Michaela's room

Part of Mckenzie's room the room next to it is my Laundry room

The other part of Mckenzie's room

The bathroom

The sheetrocking is now done and they are working on the mudding. This will be my Laundry room. I have always wanted a bigger laundry room

The bathroom

The family room

Storage room. The upstairs has three bedrooms so each kid will have there own room is that spoiled or what. So there is my house and more pictures to follow of the finished product. We hope to be out of our townhome by the end of the month we just need to sale our contract.


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Sometimes we just don't know why we have to have two good options. The house looks like it will be great. I know how you love the east, but the Lord has you in his hands and all will come with time. I love you. Hang in there. :)

J.J. said...

Wow, it is really coming along. I'm sure you all are anxious to have it done and be moved in. Can't wait to see what color you are painting the house.

Erica said...

As much as I would want you to be back here, near all of us...I know the feeling of the need to be near family! Looks great, keep us posted!

Marcia said...

When you get it finished, I'll come visit so I can kick one of those girls out of their room. ;) No really, though, I do want to come visit. Maybe Pres. Day weekend.